Apple Cinema Display Repairs :

Apple repair care    is very leading onsite MacBook Pro repair service in Gurgaon at all location at very reasonable prices. We fix all the issues like hardware and software.  We provide instant MacBook service provider in Gurgaon  without any delay.

Apple Care Center is a pioneer name in this regard that offers the world-class  keyboard repair & replacement service  at the market leading prices. We are the most renowned and authorized  Apple repair service center . We are instrumental in offering  on-site or doorsteps repair service of all Apple brand products to all our prestigious clients in Delhi/NCR  at highly affordable prices.  Apple Care Center is actively involved into this domain for a long time and has served a majority of the clients in Delhi/NCR with positive remarks from their end.

  • Dead Pixels
  • Just White Screen
  • Completely Dead
  • Affordable Prices
  • Same Day Repair Service
  • Lines in the Middle of Screen
  • All Kind Of Software Installed
  • No Display Only LED Light is on

Apple IPad Repairs

  • Just White Screen
  • Completely Dead
  • Logic Board Repair
  • Front Glass Replacement
  • No Repair – No Charges
  • Onsite Service
  • All Kind of Software Issues
  • Same Day Repair Service
  • No Display Only LED Light is on

Apple IPhone Repairs

  • Call 24*7
  • Reasonable Cost
  • Same day service
  • Completely Dead
  • Logic Board Repair
  • Screen Replacement
  • Water Damage Repair
  • No Display Only LED Light is on
  • Door to Door Service

IMac Repairs

  • Certified Technician
  • Heat up Issues
  • Screen Replacement
  • Glass Replacement
  • Power Supply Repair
  • Software Upgradation
  • Logic board component level repair
  • Hard drive replacement & Data Recovery

Intel Mac Pro Repairs

  • Completely Dead
  • Just Apple Chime No Display
  • Freezing & Crashing
  • Fan Very Noise
  • Just Led Light is On no Display
  • Just White Screen nothing after that
  • Same Day Doorsteps Service
  • Affordable Prices

Mac Mini Repairs

  • Video Output Weak or Dark
  • Wireless Connection is limited
  • Screen Replacement
  • Affordable Prices
  • Work Guarantee
  • Logic Board Repair
  • Instant Onsite Service
  • Over heating Problems
  • Freezing, Crashing, Blue Screen Coming on

MacBook Air Repairs

  • HDD Replacement & Data Recovery
  • Onsite Service At Home Or Office
  • No Fix – No Payments
  • Logic Board Repair
  • Keyboards Repairs
  • All Kind Of Software & Hardware Repair
  • Liquid Damage Repair
  • Same Day Service

MacBook Pro Repair

  • Crack Screen Replacement
  • Keyboard /Keys Replacement
  • Bottom/Back Case Replacement
  • Logic Board Repair
  • DVD Replacement
  • Same Day Onsite Service
  • Affordable Cost & Call 24*7
  • Hard Drive Replacement & Data Recovery
  • Liquid Damage Component Level Repair

Macbook Pro Retina Repairs

Here I am, in the Mecca of the Canadian Computer Universe and…

A look inside the Tannery in Kitchener, Ont., on July 14. (Tim Fraser for The Globe and Mail)

Here I am, I live in the “Silicon Valley North” in Canada, the HUB of the “digital world” in this fine country, and NO ONE in Waterloo can tell me where I can get a five year old MacBook Pro serviced? Isn’t that just peachy?!!

This I do know. I am almost done with Apple. Forever kind of done. If you know what I mean. Divorce, kind of done. Take whatever assets you have left, and just end the relationship kind of done. 29 year relationship with Apple. For what? It only took Tim Cook 5 years to destroy what Steve Jobs built. If anything should really make Apple product users wake up, it’s this kind of thing.

But I do know now for sure this one thing. Apple Customer Care under Tim Cook has plummeted to the sewers! I remember days where they would replace product right away or fix the problem as soon as possible. That day, like the Dodo bird is now extinct. Apple has become ordinary and pedestrian.